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Three things to get me through

To look backward with pride and forward with hope. – Robert Frost

I am having a tough time at the moment finding time at work to do everything I need to get done before I take leave to study for the CFA Level I Examination on 2 June and then I am exhausted and not entirely motivated to study when I get home. So I am trying to concentrate on the following three things to look forward to after completion of my exam.

1. After hours of promotional work (and long Saturday’s on my feet) I have enough cash to buy my Mountain Bike and will be doing so the weekend after the exam 🙂

2. My boyfriend has planned some great trails to start on and the only reason I will have to wake up with an alarm on weekends will be to go cycling in beautiful surroundings.

3. I will be one exam closer (hopefully!) to becoming a CFA Charterholder. I have already completed one and a half years of the required four years work experience.

Does anyone else compile lists of things to look forward to when they are struggling to find inspiration?



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