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Musing Monthly Matters: August 2012

Better late than never – Proverb

Yes I know it is already the third, time ran away from me!

I have decided to post some links, observations, thoughts and questions towards the end of each month that I have come across during all my time spent researching online. Sometimes I just do not have enough time to write full posts on everything although I wish I could 🙂

I hope they provide you with some entertainment and something to mull over or laugh at during that last week of the month when the bank balance has dwindled and you cannot go out for dinner, drinks and dancing!

Here’s an idea. Take your pathetic, meaningless, mind-blowingly expensive and stomach-churningly patronising Women’s Day and cancel it.

I wish I had the time to watch hundreds more Ted Talks! I love this site and definitely agree that these are “ideas worth spreading. One that my high school headmistress posted on Facebook recently can be found here. This will revolutionise education, what are your thoughts?


Hipsters stunned as vintage cameras fail to make them professional photographers

Visually stunning #London2012 moments – some PHENOMENAL pictures posted for every day of the Olympics. If you only follow one link here today make it this one. This is amazing!!


For all the attention the Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson break up received, I believe Jodie Foster’s piece on it should be the final word.

We live in a country that respects eleven official languages, but there’s one universal language that we seem oblivious to – body language – …

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For my sporadic commentary

  • Love this idea of stashing your spare cash (by rounding up spend to the nearest R10 and investing the rest). stash.co.za 14 hours ago
  • Just as grateful for tea on my couch at home this morning as I was for a café in this beautiful nook of Éze. https://t.co/MESNASYPOg 1 day ago
  • 2036 emails to work through today. 😳 Thank goodness it's going to be a quiet day in the office. 1 day ago
  • Hi @FitKeySA, I've gone to 2x classes (5 & 6am) at different studios that were closed. Pls update. It's too ❄️to get up & ready for nothing. 1 day ago
  • RT @_justcallmekidd: My step dad told me it was pointless to go to orientation, I wasn't going to graduate.....4 years later he in jail & I… 1 week ago
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