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Musing Monthly Matters: January 2013

Art is pattern informed by sensibility – Sir Herbert Read

Ok so my little “regular” feature on my blog – Musing Monthly Matters – only happened three times last year but (as three is my lucky number) I will try again this year. I love collecting all these random snippets of info; interesting or funny or thought-provoking. Anything really that engaged me long enough to think of sharing them. So here is the first post for the year, I hope the links provide you with some entertainment or something to mull over or laugh at during that last weekend of the month when the bank balance has dwindled and you cannot go out for dinner, drinks and dancing! I am sure this state is especially true in January for most people after the festivities over the December period 🙂

Employer at a US based company outsources his job to someone in China and “quarter after quarter, his performance review noted him as the best developer in the building.” – I think this is brilliant; he managed to maximise his salary whilst improving both the efficiency and quality of his work in such a simple way. Read the comments at the bottom of the article too, this guy has definitely perfected the idea of the “four-hour work week”.

I just wrote a post on quinoa this month so found this article quite interesting, “Quinoa brings riches to the Andes: Bolivian and Peruvian farmers sell entire crop to meet rising western demand, sparking fears of malnutrition”


 Fireworks in Reverse, as seen on a blog that I follow called “Bangers and Nash”. Quite an epic idea with a great tune too.

A drug that will let me get by on just two hours sleep, where can I get it?? And a very brief ‘economic analysis’ on the implications.


If you can’t get into a top-five MBA program, don’t even bother – I definitely agree, over time I think it is more important to perform at work and have great results than numerous degrees/qualifications behind your name.                                   

 “Photographer uses camera trickery to create magical self-portraits inspired by the Borrowers” – a young photographer who has never studied this art form creates what I think is magical pictures of himself as a “borrower”, as tiny as possible in other words. I love the effect, although the comments at the bottom of the post are very negative.

Staying on the tiny theme: as more and more people are moving into smaller flats as a cost saving initiative for themselves and a space saving necessity for the planet we need to become far more clever on how we utilise our smaller living areas whilst not feeling cramped in our own homes. The design world has become enamoured with this challenge and far from appearing claustrophobic, the design calls for big windows, ample storage space, and spacious balconies. But interior design is as important as the layout; from pull-down beds to multi-use chairs, it is literally what is inside these micro-apartments that counts. 

Tweets from the month (they can be found in my “Favourites” list on my Twitter profile):

2013 01 Tweets



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