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I found my wedding venue! & special friends’ birthday celebrations

For friendship is the breathing rose, with sweets in every fold. – Oliver Wendell Holmes

Before the title of this post slightly freaks out the boyfriend, friends and ma; no I am not engaged and no plans to wed just yet but wow did we spend last Saturday on such a beautiful rose farm and I do think the Rose Barn at Ludwig’s Roses would make the most spectacular wedding venue, have a look at their gallery here.

Very special friends of mine celebrated their 24th birthday (triplets you see) at the beginning of January and because they live in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe I only got to see them two months later. I only took two of the three with their ma – this might seem unfair but don’t think their brother would have been too keen on spending an entire morning looking at and photographing roses and pretty rose-themed goodies!

We had breakfast at The Spiced Coffee Restaurant on the rose farm and the food was fresh, presented prettily and good value for money.

The restaurant is newly built and the decor is stunning. The tables and chairs (which I cannot believe we don’t have photographs of) were my favourite.

Unfortunately they do not offer any gluten-free alternatives on their menu (please change this Ludwig’s :)). I had the ‘Farm Breakfast’ without the toast and would like to go back for lunch soon and try their interesting salad options. The drinks menu is great. We all loved the ‘Rose hip Refresher’ and I also indulged in a delicious ‘Vanilla Rose Honey Milkshake’. 

After a great breakfast with even better company we decided to take a look at the newly opened boutique shop called Thorns ‘n Things. All of us went on a bit of a shopping spree buying all kinds of presents for ourselves and others.

Now, I will get to the ‘special treat’ we were in for. It turned out we had chosen the perfect day to visit the farm. Not only were they launching and naming a new type of rose in honour of a very accomplished man (we figured he must have started studying whilst still in the womb as he looked far too young to have so many degrees, Ph.D’s, MBA’s etc behind his name!)…

We also met a very talented woman named Nikki. She invented the “PETAL-DUNK” and we were all immediately excited by this concept! My ma was bouncing up and down – she loves planning, and this product is perfect for, parties.

The “PETAL-DUNK”™ is a suction devise incorporating a spike that has been designed to anchor your flowers, fruit and other decor to the base or side of a glass vase, keeping your desired item UNDER water.

You stick the pin which is attached to a suction device into the bottom of your rose, flower or fruit and press it firmly down to the bottom of a big goblet, wine glass, vase or bowl. Then you carefully pour water (preferably soda water as the bubbles give  a great effect) over the flower, completely submerging it. She also demonstrated how you could use angel’s hair, Christmas baubles, floating plastic bubbles, beads and all kinds of decorations to complete the look. Food colouring also works well. The Thorns ‘n Things boutique also sells rose syrup which one could use to add colour and taste.

My favourite idea was to serve wine spritzers over roses (as they are edible flowers) at dinner or cocktail parties! Cannot wait to host my next book-club, we will not only be looking beautiful but drinking beautiful.

The product is cost-effective too: the flowers last days or even weeks presented in this manner as they are not in contact with air. The flower can breathe because of the oxygen present in the water and because the stem is ‘open’ it can drink too. When the water becomes opaque you simply change your water and clean your vase but can continue to use the same flower.

I also think this innovation is perfect for people who suffer terribly from pollen allergies such as I do. The flower is submerged and as such the pollen cannot travel through the air and detrimentally affect my health. I will be able to enjoy the beauty of flowers in my home this way, I am hooked!

If you are looking for somewhere to enjoy some delicious food and drink and want to do some girly shopping or just need some gorgeous flowers for that special someone, I definitely recommend you visit Ludwig’s Rose Farm. It is really easy to get there and was just 15 minutes from the Rigel off-ramp heading from Pretoria to Polokwane.

Even their bathrooms are spectacular and if you’re lucky there will be some kind of unveiling or demonstration happening (or both) and they put out a spread of food which I could not resist even though I had already eaten… I will go back, if only for those mini pavlovas…

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6 thoughts on “I found my wedding venue! & special friends’ birthday celebrations

  1. thank you very much… its awesome

    Posted by talhat alhabal | March 13, 2013, 2:05 PM
  2. WOW! Love it – magnificent pics! Thank you so much! We hope to welcome you back soon!

    Posted by Heike | March 13, 2013, 3:22 PM
  3. I need a Petal-Dunk in my life!!! Guess where I’m taking my mom for Mother’s day. A great prez for Kath and Nats!

    Posted by Ali | March 13, 2013, 6:20 PM

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